Canada eTA Process

With all the terrorist and security risks in the world, Canada has implemented an electronic travel authorization or Canada eTA in hopes to not allow any threats into Canada.

The eTA is essentially a prescreening for travelers flying into Canada. So, anyone coming to Canada without a Canadian passport must visit the Citizenship and Immigration website. On the website, you must enter in your passport information and pay a small fee. You will then be notified if your eTA is approved. Once approval is granted, the eTA will automatically be linked to your passport. Your eTA is good for up to 5 years.

An eTA asks many questions such as whether you have ever been denied entry to Canada. Or, if you have any history of arrest in any country. They also ask if you have a serious medical condition that needs treatment.

The Canadian government grants approval for eTAs usually within minutes. But, some requests take a little bit longer. They recommend you get an eTA before you firm up your travel plans.

Americans do not need an eTA to visit Canada. They are exempt and can fly or drive into Canada as normal. You also do not need an eTA if you are entering Canada by boat or car. An eTA is strictly for those flying into Canadian airports.

This process usually works very well unless you have dual citizenship. Some travelers say they have been told they need an eTA but actually already have a Canadian passport.

Once some kinks are ironed out, the Canada eTA will hopefully be an easy process for all travelers. It will also hopefully keep Canada and by extension the United States a safer place. If you have further questions or need to apply for an eTA be sure to visit Canada’s website. It is a great wealth of knowledge on the process.