When To Hire A Probate Lawyer Florida

Facing the probate process while coping with the loss of your loved one can be a difficult situation. It may be good to find out whether or not the situation you are dealing with requires the help of a probate lawyer. Here are some of the scenarios where you can benefit from hiring a probate lawyer Florida:

If the decedent has many assets or debts
Sorting out many assets and debts can be a daunting task and it may be good to hire a probate lawyer to help you out. For instance if the decedent invested in stocks or real estate, it may be challenging for a layman to appraise these investments and prepare them for probate court.

A probate lawyer can also help if the decedent left debts as he or she can assess those debts that need to be given priority and give advice on debt management. This is often the case especially if the decedent did not have a will. When a person writes a will, he or she will plan everything to avoid probate.

When there is a person planning to contest the will
In case there is a family member who would like to contest the will written by the decedent, it may be a good idea to look for a probate lawyer Florida. This is due to the fact that the lawyer can help avoid a court fight.

If the decedent was a business owner
It is usually a good idea to look for a probate lawyer if the decedent owned a business. This is due to the fact that the lawyer knows how to appraise a business in the best way possible. This can be beneficial especially if you want to manage or sell the decedent’s business.

If members of the family cannot agree on who should be the executor
This is often the case when the deceased didn’t write a will. Having a probate lawyer deal with such a situation is a good idea as it will ensure that you are acting in accordance with the laws and procedures. It will also make things easy for all those involved.

If there are any tax concerns
In case there are any tax issues about the decedent’s assets, looking for a probate attorney can be beneficial. This is because of the fact that a probate lawyers knows the ins and outs of both state and federal tax.